Kirito (Kazuto Kirigaya)

CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

The player who cleared "Sword Art Online"… the death game. Also known as the "Black Swordsman".

Asuna (Asuna Yuuki)

CV: Haruka Tomatsu

A female rapier wielder in SAO and Kirito's girlfriend in both the real and virtual world. Also known as "Lightning Flash".


CV: Kanae Ito

An A.I. program in SAO, that monitored players' mental health. She considers Kirito and Asuna her parents.

Leafa (Suguha Kirigaya)

CV: Ayana Taketatsu

Kirito's little sister and top-class Kendo swordswoman. In ALO, her avatar is a wind fairy.

Silica (Keiko Ayano)

CV: Rina Hidaka

In SAO, she was a beast tamer who was saved by Kirito. Her familiar is a little dragon called Pina. In ALO, her avatar is a cat fairy.

Lisbeth (Rika Shinozaki)

CV: Ayahi Takagaki

Nicknamed Liz, she is a master blacksmith, who forged Kirito's swords in SAO. She is an excellent mace-wielder and Asuna's best friend.

Sinon (Shino Asada)

CV: Miyuki Sawashiro

The best sniper in Gungale Online, an MMO with an apocalyptic setting. With Kirito's help, she was able to overcome a childhood trauma.

Klein (Ryotaro Tsuboi)

CV: Hiroaki Hirata

A swordsman, who lead the Furin-kazan guild in SAO. He prefers Japanese style weapons and armor. He is loyal, quick-witted and a good friend of Kirito's.

Agil (Andrew Gilbert Mills)

CV: Hiroki Yasumoto

He was a merchant and a fearless axe-wielder in SAO and fought alongside Kirito many times. He is the most cheerful and reliable of Kirito's friends.

Akihiko Kayaba

CV: Koichi Yamadera

A genius game designer, who created SAO. He developed the NerveGear rig to fully immerse players in MMO games. The Amusphere rig is based on his technology.


CV: Sayaka Kanda

Yuna is an idol in the AR (Augmented Reality) world of Ordinal Scale.
If a player encounters her in the game,
they can acquire special upgrades.


CV: Yoshio Inoue

Eiji is a mysterious young swordsman,
who is the top ranked player in Ordinal Scale.
Kirito and his friends encounter him during gameplay.

Professor Shigemura

CV: Takeshi Kaga

Shigemura is a developer and an authority on non-invasive BMI (Brain Machine Interface) research.
He is also a professor in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department at Toho Technological University.
Due to his radical theories on electrical physiology, his peers regard him as a crackpot.